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log cabin hideaways

SOO stoked on this weekend - as everyone already knows from twitter and facebook and what not - luke and i are going up to Ely, MN (right by the boundary waters!!) to stay in the below little 1 room log cabin. some people wouldn’t consider this a vacation but… we do!!!!

this is part of the inside!! the 2 little windows up top is the loft where the bed is!!  you even need a rustic wooden ladder to get up into it!! awwwesome. also, each cabin comes with a canoe so obvi we’re going canoing!

can you tell i’m excited? 4 day weekend starts now! peace out lovers xoxo

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new do!

not the best photo … as it was taken in the bathroom at work, BUT - gives ya a glimpse of my new fuckin’ hair cut! …gonna take some getting used to :)

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this weekend!

this weekend the whole extended fam (my mom’s side (the fun side)) is going up to ‘the garmisch’ resort just outside Hayward, WI for Ceci’s baptism. it’s a german style, up-north lodge place…haha i’m stoked!

*i <3 fall*

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movin’ out

Not only are we moving out of our current apartments (me upstairs and luke to uptown) which i’m trying to be positive about but it’s really hard because things are going to be totally different and weird and change kinda sucks at first, but we are also discussing a move of a larger kind…

luke and i have been talking about this all weekend…in ONE year (granted everything is solid in our then 1 and a half year relaish.) we want to move out west, we’re thinking along the lines of montana, colorado, utah, wyoming, etc…we want things to be simple and for some reason don’t really care about having the jobs of our dreams and making tons of money, it’s about being happy…

there are only a few stipulations in which i will explain now:

1. there MUST be mountains

(this is glacier national park in montana)

2. there must be a modest log cabin home to reside in

3. there will be a lovely garden!

4. and most importantly there will be a brand new PUPPYY :D

please note that we are not totally crazy….just anxious to do something out of the ordinary and awesome and really fun and challenging and scary aaand yeah, a little crazy i guess!!

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**warning: this will probably make certain people barf (certain people = mandi). also, the monologue at the end is sort of ‘dear diary’ like but…what are blogs for?!

SO last night luke took me on what could be considered the best date ever (mainly because i have never really been on a hardcore ‘real date’ such as this one, well once i went kayaking with nick olson and that was fun too but, yeah this was better) …..

he took me to the minnesota landscape arboretum !! and we picked our favorite spot and laid the blankies - turns out that his mini backpack was containing the following treats for us: carrots, blueberries, 2 types of cheese (he had previously asked what my favorite kind was), a DANK salami thing with herbs and spices, triscuits, a chocolate bar with nuts, my favorite cookies (fudge stripes in case anyone else would want to surprise me..), and 2 bottles of wine - it was just perfect. we had a chance to just sit with each other and talk and talk and talk, no bartenders asking us if we were ready for another one and no one’s turn at the dart board, it was the best.

i think if i was reading this from some of my friends’ perspectives they would think ‘oh that’s super cute….but we know how it really is sometimes’ and i totally agree,  sometimes (kind of a lot) i am leaning on my friends for advice/support/sympathy, etc. etc. in the wake of some argument i perceive to be the biggest deal on earth… here is my response:

for some reason i feel like a 16 year old in their first relationship or something. anyway, we talked last night about how we just want our relationship to be ‘steady’ … that’s the word he used, which is SO true - it’s been such a rollercoaster pretty much ever since we decided to be ‘exclusive’ …and i explained that i think what happened was i was so used to everyone being like ‘what are you doing with him?? he’s not gonna date you ever…’ that when he DID want to date me i flipped and like got super possessive and reliant on him for happiness - which i agree is totally unfair to him. and now with katy gone and my main friend being mandi i’m STILL relying on him. i need need need to be OK being on my own and coming home after work and not hearing from him (why should he have to check in with me like some sort of mother??) i think i’m finally understanding that the ball is in my court to smooth things over and keep shit ‘steady’ ..  most of the time i text friends (i.e katy) about stuff i think is just heinous and she’s like ‘kris, he’s not doing anything wrong…’ which is usually true, i just need to chiiilll on it sometimes/like all the time!! talk about someone not being ‘go with the flow,’ gross! another thing i noticed is that all of my main girlfriends (katy, mandi and baluti) act like dudes when it comes to relationships… the whole ’take em or leave em’ kind of mentality…always having the upper hand it seems, totally independent. and i’m the needy, girly, romantic, obsessive type - wtf!!! point is, i’m probably never gonna be able to be like them when it comes to that stuff, but i can definitely recognize the way i am and tone ‘er down a little - how does that sound?? i just think that i have a GREAT thing going and a really good guy who honestly does love me and i have to realize that isn’t going to change on a day to day basis if he doesn’t call or is out doing something else. i have to find my own things to do and be my own person, he is simply a really cool addition to really cool girl….

* you’re beautiful and amazing and just what I want :-):-) *

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cute girls. cool outfits.

these are some of my favorite fashion bloggers…and cutest dressers i know out there. i’ve saved a couple recent pictures not so much as outfit inspiration but more of ‘omg they look so cute in that!’ thought i’d share…p.s. is it legal to post their pictures on my blog??

in order from top to bottom: emily; sandra; andy; sabrina; rumi and kelly.

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must. get. hobby.

SO since my other half moved away (and actually even before that) i have anxiety when i dont know what i’m doing that night. it never really sounds THAT nice to go home and sit there by myself…watching random shows on my tiny tv until it’s time to go to bed. this anxiety has been heightened by the fact that i just finished the series of books i was reading (the girl with the dragon tattoo - highly recommend), which kept me in the mentality ‘if nothings going on i can always just read.’ solution!!! find some things to keep me busy in my free time (which is every day after work because i really have no other obligations…what a sad existence!)

here are some of my so-called ‘solutions’:

- i suck at cooking and don’t know how to make much of anything besides frozen pizza, pasta and baked potatoes. katy recommended the book “how to boil water,” definitely going to get my hands on that and start cooking!

- some people might say ‘you should get a pet!’ well… i would love to, except i’m not allowed to have pets at my apartment :( turns out this isn’t actually going to stop me. luke and i have been tossing around the idea of me taking his TWO cats for awhile and having them live with me at my place :) yaayy. this will help eliminate some of the loneliness of living sans roommate.

one’s fat, one’s not :)

- as previously mentioned i do read. any good book suggestions??! mysteries are my favorite - i think i’d like to get into another series, i like the development of characters.

- i have also tried the whole workout routine thing. katy and i got super into running last winter but that kinda fizzled out. i could sign up again for the gym but…i dont know, dont feel like it! maybe i’ll get another workout tape? jillian michaels did us well for awhile there…this solution may not be much of a solution after all.

- ya know what i just realized (while googling ‘hobbies for women in their 20’s’)??! that origami is pretty.. and apparently can be considered a hobby…might give it a shout. mm yeah, probably not actually.

OK, so overall conclusion is that i’ll probably just end up attempting to cook things and cuddling with cats while reading. that doesn’t sound so bad :)